Rolampont - Faverolles

Getting ready for the tour!

Hello and welcome, this guided tour will help you with your tour around the tuffa waterfall of Rolampont. We’ll help you to discover the historical and natural sites, the landscapes and some local traditions of the charming valley of Suize.

Two exceptional sites will mark your journey: one is the Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles which you can discover in the converted work-shop-museum in the centre of Faverolles as well as its archaeological site in the forest, the other one is the tuffa waterfall of Rolampont. During the journey, you will hear of local stories, the particularities of the surrounding forest and many more surprises.

Your journey is marked out in “green and yellow”. Please follow these markings except for the sites themselves. All in all, you will walk around 14 km, which will take at least 4 hours.

Before you start, we advise you to wear good sensible walking shoes and to bring appropriate clothing in case of rain. We would recommend you bring refreshments. There are many rest areas prepared for you on your journey where you can have a picnic.


Distance : 11 km to which it is necessary to add nature discovery path
- the tuffa waterfall of Rolampont + 1 km
- the archaeological site of the mausoleum + 2 km
that is 14 km in all.
Duration : 4h00
Marking : green and yellow

Access for mountain bike and riders: Watch out, the site of the tuffa waterfall is an alive and fragile biological environment. It is forbidden any circulation other than in feet. A compulsory variant is has arrangement for mountain bike and the riders.


Now, we wish you a pleasant walk, rich in discoveries....

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